Manitoba Child Care Facility Status

The purpose of this form is to identify your willingness to remain open and provide child care services to essential service workers in our province at this time. The information we gather will ensure Manitoba’s essential workers have access to child care as needed and is prioritized based on the type of essential service provided. In order to be able to match a worker with child care to meet their care needs, we ask that you complete this form which provides information about your centre and the type of care you offer.

It is crucial that you complete the form whether you wish to provide a service or not. The section on the number of “remaining” spaces, refers to the vacant spaces you have in each separate age category. Please only include the number of unoccupied spaces and not the total number of children you will be providing care to in each category. In respect to the centre’s hours of operation please check all that apply

By indicating you are willing to remain open you are committing to maintain your current vacant spaces open for a minimum of two weeks in order to assist us in finding child care for our essential workers.

Thank you for the important work you do, and continue to do, to meet the needs of Manitoban’s children and their families.